Transportation Security Monitoring

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Digitize offers customized security and fire alarm monitoring solutions. Build and operate while migrating your older systems to guarantee life safety.

Made in the USA for 45 years, with tech support and training provided by Digitize engineers.

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Prism LX Fire Alarm Monitoring Solution

We built the Prism LX alarm monitoring system to solve your compatibility headaches. The Prism LX can monitor 500 active alarm points simultaneously.

By pulling together alarms from so many different reporting channels, the Prism LX serves as your central fire alarm reporting, security alarm monitoring, and building management system.


More alarm monitoring solutions for diverse applications and maximizing existing infrastructure.


Build and operate new solutions while migrating older systems.

Expert Support

Get dedicated tech support and training from Digitize engineers.

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The price is the price, no hidden fees.
Transportation Security Monitoring

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Airport Case Study


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