Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to sign and return my Digitize order confirmation?

A. Alarm monitoring equipment, ancillary devices, and accessories are complex. Even an experienced distributor may not realize there may be a more cost-effective way to meet customer requirements, or may forget certain requirements for specific equipment. By requiring all orders to be faxed, Digitize has the opportunity to review orders for completeness and for our sales engineer to offer assistance with additional information if a potential problem is seen.  Additionally, by requiring that customers sign and return an order confirmation, they have a final opportunity to review their order for completeness.  The order confirmation process is just one of the many ways that Digitize ensures optimal customer satisfaction.  All orders are to be emailed to Laura Capilli at

Q. How do I arrange for an in depth demonstration of Digitize Products?

A. On-site and in depth demonstrations of Digitize products and capabilities can be arranged though your local Digitize Distributor, Strategic Partner, or, in some circumstances, directly through Digitize.  Please visit "Contact Us" for assistance in finding a distributor or requesting further information.

Q. What is covered within the System 3505 seminar? Who typically attends?

A. The Digitize Certified Training Seminar is held biannually.  Attendees range from new distributors to System operators and end users who are seeking a more thorough understanding of their System capabilities and an in depth look at the full potential of the System 3505 Prism LX when equipped with various options.

The seminar contains two sections.  The first is "Theory of Operations" of the System 3505 Prism LX and ancillary products.  In this section, attendees learn about the Systems features and functional capabilities.  The second part of the course is the course is "Hands-on System 3505 Prism LX Training", in which attendees learn how to install and troubleshoot a Digitize System. Seminar attendees work with System 3505 Prism LX units and are shown how to use its various features. Additionally, this open forum allows ample opportunity for questions related to programming, in-field troubleshooting, and System expansion.

It should be noted that potential distributors are required to attend this Training Seminar to enable them to sell and support Digitize products and systems.

Q. Your web-site indicates that Digitize creates custom software as a service. How do I learn more about this capability? 

A. Many customers are completely satisfied with their existing FACPs (fire alarm control panels) but are in need of an overall upgrade to their proprietary alarm monitoring system. Digitize has always encouraged our customers to share their unique requirements and specific goals so we can work together to help achieve them.  We welcome the opportunity to work with them in developing custom solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our ability to offer custom software enables customers to preserve the continued use of existing systems and add important features and benefits.  Custom products and software can also save the customer tens of thousands of dollars when undertaking a critical capital investment such as a complete Alarm Monitoring System.

Distributors should contact Digitize to discuss the specific requirements of their particular installation and the equipment in use to determine which unique options are available to their clients.