Relay Control Option


Product Description:

The Relay Control Option allows activation of remote relay(s) in multiplex panels (MUXPAD II and DGM) to control fans, doors, pre-recorded notification and other devices.  A single option will allow control of any relay in the system from the System 3505 Prism LX. Relays in DGM/Muxpad units have four states: On, Off, On Momentary, and Off Momentary. Up to eight (8) relay per Relay Strip and eight relay strips can be connected to any DGM-32/64 panel. DGM-32/64-RLY units feature built-in footprint accommodating two relay strips.  Also required for operation of Q-Mux modules, such as Q-1R . 

Please ask your distributor about the following products:

  • P/N: 000001-0032 Relay Control Option
  • 400375-0001 Relay Board, 8 Form C 1A, DGM 32/64RLY
  • 400375-0002 Relay Board, 8 Form C 5A, DGM-32/64RLY