VersAlarm 8 Zone Ethernet Monitoring System

Product Information

VersAlarm 8 Zone Ethernet Monitoring System

VersAlarm 8 Zone Ethernet Monitoring System

The Digitize VersAlarm™ Panel is an IP Based monitoring system. The basic system provides 8 supervised EOL zone inputs (three reserved to monitor AC power, DC battery and Tamper) to monitor normally open or normally closed contacts. 96 characters of user text can be programmed for zone input using a standard WEB browser. Communications with the VersAlarm panel is via RJ45 Ethernet protocol and are fully supervised.

The Digitize VersAlarm™ Panel can optionally be configured with QMux Nodes to provide the capability for over 3000 remote input / outputs per panel. One Q-Node can be mounted in the panel, 31 Q-Nodes can be connected externally. Q-Nodes can be connected via a single RS485 or divided over 8 isolated RS-485 links when the Octal 8 Channel Driver is added. For more information, see the Q-Mux cut sheet.

The VersAlarm™ panel is powered by a 12vdc Power Supply / Charger. The VersAlarm™ comes standard with 72 hours of Standby power and recharges the sealed 12 AH Lead Acid battery in 48 hours. A second 12 AH battery can be added to the panel if optional MicroMux or Qnodes are installed. The panel is supplied in a red 16" x16.5" x 5" wall mount steel enclosure. The front door of the enclosure has a lock. A tamper signal is generated when the door is opened.

User programming of the Digitize VersAlarm™ Panel can be performed remotely over the Ethernet connection. The programming is performed via an easy-to-use web browser interface. Upgrades to the firmware can also be performed using the Ethernet connection.

The Digitize VersAlarm™ panel connects to a Digitize System 3505 Prism Lx, which must be equipped with an AlarmLanTM option. The Panel can be programmed to report to up to 10 IP addresses (System 3505 Prism Lx units). The number of IP addresses can be expanded beyond 10 upon request.


  • 8 zone IP based Monitoring System. (Expandable)
  • Communicates via standard Ethernet connections.
  • Remotely Programmable / Upgradeable
  • Program 96 characters of User Text for each input point.
  • Easy-to-use web browser interface Expandable to 32 optional Q-MUX Nodes with 9 input / outputs per node. Providing over 3000 input / outputs
  • Optional Octal 8 channel RS-485 driver.
  • 72 Hours of Battery Backup.
  • Recharges in 48 hours
  • Fully Supervised Operation
  • Internal Visual and Audible indicators
  • 16" x16.5" x 5" Wall Mount Steel Enclosure with Locking Door
  • Door Tamper Signal
  • Form C Relay Output


Supply Input Voltage: 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz at 3.5 Amps Max

Supply Output Voltage: 12 VDC @ 2.5A

Led Indicators:
Power Supply: AC Pwr In – Green, DC Pwr Out – Red

VersAlarm Board: DC Pwr In – Green, Alarm – Red, Ethernet Connections – Yellow and Green

Q-Mux Node (When Installed): RS-485, Tx & Rx – Green, RS-232, Tx & Rx – Green, T-Buss, Scan – Green, T-Buss, Trouble – Red

Audible Indicators:
VersAlarm Board: Indicates loss of communication to Head End Equipment.

Q-Mux Node (When Installed): Indicates loss of communication

VersAlarm Board: 1 Form C Relay Output on Board Rated 30 Volts DC at 1 Amps Max.

Q-Mux Node (When Installed): 1 Form C Relay Output on Board Rated 30 Volts DC at 2 Amps Max. Additional Output Capable by the addition of up to 99 remote Q-RLY IDMs using the T-Buss.

VersAlarm Board: 8 EOL Inputs

Q-Mux Node (When Installed): Q-Mux Node allows for connection of additional 99 remote IDM inputs and outputs per Q-Node. Accommodates up to 32 Q-Nodes.

Communication: RJ45 Ethernet

Enclosure: Steel Wall Mounted Red Indoor Enclosure, Hinged Door, Key Lockable Dimensions: Width: 16”, Depth: 16.5”, Height: 5.0”. Mounts indoors in a Dry Environment.

Fault conditions: Missing AC, Low or Missing Battery, Door Tamper, Loss of Data Communications

Temperature Ratings: Operating Temperature: 0 degrees C to 49 degrees C. Ambient Humidity: 93% @ 32 degrees C. Environment: Indoor, dry

Battery Charger Specifications:

Battery Type: Sealed lead acid rechargeable.

Charging Voltage: 12 / 24 VDC set to 12 VDC for VersAlarm.

Maximum battery charge capacity: 33.66 Ah in 48 hours.

Maximum battery charge current: 0.7 A