Product Information

DET-6C Pull Station

DET-6C Pull Station

The DET-6-C is a 6-channel EOL transmitter in cottage shell housing. It includes a CAM lock, AC transformer, standby battery, and built-in charger. The unit is housed in a durable cottage shell enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting.

Telegraph codes unique to each of the six zones for Trouble, Alarm, Secure, as well as Tamper and Low Battery are transmitted over 100 mA. circuit using positive non-interfering successive (PNIS) line current detection to avoid clashes between more than one transmitting box. Automatic ground return, a watchdog timer, and a jumper selected internal trouble buzzer assure continued main system operation and operator notification in the event of box failure. A built-in trouble relay output (form C) and the ground and code relay (grounding, opening, or no effect on the 100 mA line) are activated by the watchdog timer ensuring reliable failure detection in the event of malfunction.

Transmission speed is adjustable to match that of mechanical boxes. Unit can be programmed to send any number of rounds (or no rounds) on alarm, trouble, secure and low battery.

Automatic switchover to battery power is performed upon AC power loss with a low battery code transmitted if power is not returned in approximately 60 hours. After transmitting a low battery code, the unit bypasses all input circuits to avoid spurious transmissions of false alarms.

The DET-6C is field programmable with optional EPROM programmer and PC software. A dual 6-zone version (total of 12 zones) is also available.

A master trip module is available for connection to an interior FACP.

Use of lightning protection is recommended for DET-6C and DET12C.


  • Rugged cottage shell housing
  • Solid-state telegraph transmitter
  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable to match existing number of rounds, transmission speed, box number, etc.
  • AC or DC powered
  • 6 Channel EOL with separate code for each channel
  • Open or Closed index
  • Watchdog Timer for failure detection & notification
  • Form C trouble relay
  • Low battery and Tamper
  • Internal buzzer for alarm/trouble
  • Prioritized by zone and alarm/trouble
  • Precodes
  • Dual 6-zone version (total 12 zones) available
  • NFPA-72 Compliant


Dimensions: Height: 17.5", Depth: 6.0", Width: 12.5"

Power: 120 VAC 50/60 Hertz; 24 VDC or 12 VDC (separate terminals); 100MA standby, 170 MA operating.

Backup Power: 60 Hours with 6.5 Amp Hour SLA Battery

Temperature Range: -40° F to 140° F

Input Channel Activation: 6 Channels EOL resistor (5.6 K); 1 for Fire Hook; 2 Channels with Reed Input; Low Battery Detection

Visible LED Indicators: Main Power: Green; Trouble: Red; Watchdog: Red; On-line: Red (transmitting)

Buzzer: 0-9.9 minutes (jumper selected On/Off)

Transmission Speed: 1/24 second increments from 1/8 to 4 seconds

Output: 1-6 Telegraph codes, program each zone; 4 Supervisory codes for a total of 10 codes; Open or Ground telegraph line on failure (or local failure); Form C Trouble Relay