Line Driver Card Rack

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Line Driver Card Rack

Line Driver Card Rack

Digitize uses supervised bi-directional polling multiplex or command call out supervised bi-directional communication protocols in all the multiplex products.

The 32-line driver rack allows a variety of data communication protocols to be used in one system. A line driver card is required for each date line installed (Ethernet, RS-485, polling radio, audio, fiber).

Line drivers provide isolation between all data lines. This is the recommended configuration for campus wide monitoring.

The 32-line driver rack operates from Port 0 on the rear of the System 3505 Prism LX™. It mounts in a standard 19” wide rack.

Note: Line Driver Rack holds 32 cards, but will hold only 16 Single Mode Fiber Cards, P/N 400577-0001.

Mux Option, Expansion Rack

Includes 32-line card rack and ribbon cable. Requires a line driver card for each data line and configurator card connected.

Add this to your SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ if you have already purchased “MUX OPTION, With 1 LINE, RS-485 (P/N 010001-0002)” and want to upgrade your system to MUX OPTION, W/ 1ST 32-LINE DRIVER RACK (P/N 010001- 0003).


  • Permits connection to Digitize Multiplex Equipment
  • Available at any node
  • Provides line-line isolation
  • Power provided by the System 3505 Prism LX™
  • Holds 32 line driver cards
  • Expandable to 4 racks for a total of 128 isolated lines
  • Mix and Match data protocols (Ethernet, supervised polling multiplex communication via RS- 422/485, audio, fiber optics, RS-232, and high level drivers)
  • ETL listed
  • NFPA Compliant
  • Dimensions (Approximate) Height: 5.5 in Width: 19.0 in Depth: 9.0 in



P/N 010001-0003 Mux Option with first 32- line Driver Rack

P/N 010001-1003 Mux Option Polling Radio with first 32-line Driver Rack

P/N 450405-0001 Mux Option, Expansion Rack (Retro)


P/N 400505-0001 Audio Modem, High Level. Used with DGM panels, Muxpad IIs, or Network over standard telephone network, fiber optic link or microwave, etc., where the transmission media will accept an audio signal in the standard voice band. (Requires DGM/Muxpad II with Audio Modem card installed.) Only one DGM panel can be connected to one Audio Modem line driver

P/N 400469-0001 Hi-level, ISO, Style 6. Used for special applications where a high noise level is expected. Provides 12 VDC drive with Opto Couplers on both ends of the line. Only one DGM/Muxpad II can be connected to this driver.

P/N 400504-0001, Multi-Mode Fiber Style 7 or Style 3.Used to connect DGM/Muxpad IIs panels over fiber optic lines. Signal may be repeated from DGM/ Muxpad IIs to DGM/Muxpad IIs. Up to 500 DGM/Muxpads can be connected. Flux budget of -18dB. Can also be configured for Style 3 communications.

P/N 400577-0001 Single Mode Fiber, communications over style 7 single mode Fiber lines. Provides 18 DB Flux budget. Use with Multiplex and Network.

P/N 400508-0001 Single, RS-485. Provides standard RS-422/485 data line driver. Requires one data cable (dry phone pair) to connect line driver with DGM/Muxpad II. Digitize recommends that a typical RS-485 Driver be used with up to eight DGM/Muxpad units based on distance of dry phone cable. Four DGM/Muxpad units would be the ideal, taking into account the possibility of a line failure.

P/N 400508-0002 Radio with RF TX/RX. Includes line driver card with connector to plug-in the transceiver RNET and Modem Card (included).

P/N 400508-0003 Dual, RS-485, Provides standard RS-422/485 data line driver. Requires two data cables (dry phone pairs), one pair exiting from line driver to DGM/Muxpad II, the second pair for the looped return. Digitize would suggest that no more then 25 DGM/Muxpads be installed on a Style 6 Loop. Adjust the number of DGM/Muxpad units down when long loops are used (more than two miles).

P/N 400584-0001 SIPPDD, Ethernet, Used to connect DGM/Muxpad IIs via Ethernet, (Local Area Network) using UDP/IP protocols.