MeshSentry II

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MeshSentry II

MeshSentry II

The Digitize MeshSentry II™ Mesh Radio Network - Supervised PoE Power Supply / Battery Charger and Mesh Radio is a complete power solution for Mesh Radio Transceivers. The Fire Listed Power Supply will power the Mesh Radio Transceiver and provide 72 hours of battery backup during a power failure. All aspects of the Power Supply are remotely supervisable including: AC Power Fail, Low or missing battery, and enclosure tamper.

The Power Supply is housed in a lockable steel enclosure that can hold two 75 Amp Hour 12 volt batteries.

The Digitze VersAlarm™ Controller monitors the power supply, 8 zone inputs, and optional Q-Mux Node controller(s) via Ethernet through the Mesh Radio Transceiver. Expandable to 32 Optional Q-Mux Nodes allows for up to 3,168 additional remote input and or relay outputs.

Lockable Indoor Enclosure measures approximately 22” Wide x 12” Deep x 20” High.


  • Complete Supervised Power Supply and Charger for Outdoor Mesh Radio Transceivers.
  • Mesh radio Includes enabled Dual Transceivers and MIMO
  • 8 EOL Zone Inputs for Local Connection (3 zones reserved for AC, DC and Tamper)
  • 72 Hours of Battery Backup. Recharge in 48 hours
  • Operates from 120/240 Volts AC (jumper selectable), 50-60 Hz
  • Fully Supervised Operation when used with Digitize System 3505 Prism Lx™ at the Head End.
  • Enclosure houses two series 75 Amp Hour 12 VDC Batteries
  • Expandable to 3,168 remote inputs and or relay outputs
  • Ethernet Connections expandable with Internal Switch/Router
  • Internal Visual and Audible indicators (user selectable)
  • Wall Mount Lockable Steel enclosure with Door Tamper signal
  • Fused Outputs
  • Surge Protected Power and Ethernet Connections
  • Class 2 Power Limited
  • Short Circuit, Over Current, & Over Temperature Protection
  • Form C Relay Output
  • UL 864 Compliant