Muxpad II

MuxPad II


Product Description: 

The Muxpad II is a Data Gathering Module (DGM), FACP Interface which is a part of the Digitize System 3505 Prism LX proprietary (owner operated) Supervised, Bi-directional and Polling Alarm Monitoring System.  A SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX with the MULTIPLEX Option is required for a complete operating system..

The standard communications format for the multiplex system is an isolated RS-422/485 driver.  Other available communication formats include Audio Modem, Single or Multi Mode Fiber Optic, Polling Radio and Ethernet. Upon activation of any new condition, the Muxpad II communicates with the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX to advise the new conditions as well as the exact English text message provided by the FACP.  In the event of a communication failure, the Muxpad II retains all the alarm information until communication is reestablished to the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX. 

The Muxpad II board contains an isolated RS-422/485 serial port, an RS-232 serial port, a 5-volt switching regulator, a single FORM C relay controllable from the System 3505 Prism LX (requires the relay control option), a watchdog timer, full lightning protection on the RS-422/485 data line and various support systems (such as 128K EPROM), and zone measurement circuitry with ground fault detection. The Muxpad II may also be used to monitor eight (8) or thirty-two (32) End-of-Line supervised dry contact inputs for conventional control panels such as fire, security, building, process control, etc. These EOL Inputs may also be used for Security, HVAC, or other sensors.  For more details, including the full spectrum of FACP Manufacturers with which the Digitize Muxpad II interfaces to, please refer to cut-sheet below.