Line Driver Cards


Product Description: 

Used with Multiplex, Network, Q-MUX™ and Remote Line Printer Options

Line Driver Cards plug into line driver card racks and provide a variety of data protocols: Polling Radio, RS-422/485 for style 3 or 6 wiring, audio modem, single or multi mode fiber optics, RS-232, Ethernet and high level line drivers. Line drivers provide line-to-line isolation so that all DGMs and Muxpad IIs are not on the same line.  This is important when the multiplexing system is used for campus wide monitoring. Any combination of up to 32 line drivers may be installed in one line driver rack.  Four line driver card racks can be installed on a single System 3505 Prism LX for a total of 128 line driver cards.

Other options that utilize line driver cards and the line driver rack include: the Network option, Q-MUX™ options, and the Remote Line Printer option.