Line Driver Card Rack


Product Description: 

Used with Multiplex, Network, Q-MUX™ and Remote Line Printer Options

The 32-line driver rack allows a variety of data communication protocols to be used in one system. A line driver card is required for each date type installed (RS-485 using style 3 or 6 wiring, polling radio, audio modem, single or multi mode fiber and Ethernet). Line drivers provide isolation between all data lines. This is the recommended configuration for campus wide monitoring. The 32-line driver rack operates from Port 0 on the rear of the System 3505 Prism LX.. 

Up to Four(4) Line Driver Card Racks can be used with a or redundant System 3505 Prism LXs

The Line Driver Rack is also used with the Network, Q-MUX™ and Remote Line Printer Options