Job Summary

Entry Level Electronics Tech

At Digitize, you can start as an entry-level tester and electronics CAD engineer. You should have a basic familiarity with circuitry and components, but we don't need you to be an expert. If you are an electronic hobbyist, come in for some testing and and see if you have what it takes. We'll train you with progressively difficult projects until you have the needed skills.

This Entry-Level Electrical Computer Aided Design (ECAD) position might be a fit for you if:

  • You're talented with electronics.
  • You can think logically and solve technical problems.

The functions of this position include:

  • Assist in the schematic design and definition of components.
  • Layout of the PCB with emphasis on very dense SMT boards.
  • Interface with Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for critical PCB layout parameters.
  • Prepare electrical drawings, mechanical drawings, and BOMs for use during the production release of new products.
  • Create Production PCB assembly documentation for internal SMT assembly efforts.
  • Continuous improvement in the following areas: tools used to reduce the design cycle time, process changes to improve accuracy and quality of the design or manufacturing output, and ability/willingness to document new PCB design processes or requirements.
  • A focus on continuous improvement of PCB design and documentation processes is required.
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