ISO Certification


Digitize earned its ISO:9001 certification in 2001, and has been successfully re-certified several times We are currently ISO-9001:2015 Certified. While many people outside our industry may not be familiar with ISO and its value, Digitize and our customers benefit by our ISO certification every day.

ISO is an international organization that identifies and details processes and procedures that meet defined standards that are beneficial to any business--but perhaps most applicable to manufacturing. This is the ISO Quality Management System. Certified companies must adhere to production and customer service standards and commit to continual improvement. That commitment is subject to Independent Audits performed by ISO certified auditors through the re-certification processes.   Additionally, participating companies are required to perform internal audits to ensure that standards of production and customer service are consistently met, and that the commitment to continual improvement is kept. ISO is not an acronym; it is actually a form of a Greek word, isos, meaning “equal”. In the U.S.., the organization’s full name is ISO: International Organization for Standardization. The standards defined by ISO ensure that members produce high quality products, provide excellent customer service, seek continual improvement, have appropriately trained and equipped staffs, are environmentally friendly, and consistently practice safety in the workplace. Digitize  is committed to maintaining the high standards set by ISO. By meeting these standards objectively, we ensure our commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction is maintained each day.