Intellitize Repeating Radio System


Product Description:  

The key feature of the Digitize Intellitize System is the ability of a Intellitize Subscriber Unit (field unit) to forward, or repeat, messages from other Subscriber Units that are beyond direct radio reach of the central dispatch center. Each Subscriber Unit dynamically evaluates and stores information on all possible “routes”, through which it can send messages to the central dispatch station.

When an alarm control panel detects an alarm condition, it activates a set of EOL contacts, which triggers the Intellitize Subscriber Unit to transmit the alarm signal by a preplanned route to other ISU’s and the Intellitize MultiNet Receiver.  The radio data message received by the Intellitize MultiNet Receiver is then sent to the SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX, equipped with the Intellitize Option, for annunciation, display and printing, thus alerting dispatch personnel and soliciting the approved response.

MicroMuX FACP Interface The newly developed MicroMux Interface enables the exact text from Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP) to be sent to the SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX via the Intellitize Subscriber Units (ISU), using the Intellitize MicroMuX Interface and the SeriALL option. The MicroMuX (MMX) capability allows the ISU to be connected to an addressable FACP and process all of the panel’s Alarms, Supervisory, Trouble and Restore conditions via the Intellitize radio system to the SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX, acting as an ancillary device.  The precise English text, as displayed on the FACP, is sent to the SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX with the alarm activation.  The SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX supervises the MMX card and presents a daily test report from the subscriber units that do not report in after the test.  The MMX card supervises its connection to the FACP.  MMX’s are available for a variety of FACPs in Standalone or Networked configurations. Intellitize Systems can be used in Municipal, University, Military, Industrial and other large campus applications.

Remote Annuciator(s), SMS Text 2 Cell Phone and email options as well as all other Digitize products can be added to the system.