CAPS & CAPS II Automation Output


Product Description: 

CAPS Option: The CAPS Option provides a very basic and simplistic automation output from the System 3505 Prism LX to a third party automation system. The original CAPS Option did not support any handshake supervision between the System 3505  and the Automation system. Later versions added handshake supervision and the ability for the System 3505 to resend the alarm information up to 3 times to the Automation System. While Digitize still supports this protocol, it is not recommended for new applications. The basic structure for the protocol is:

<LF>Priority, MESSAGE TYPE, 9 digit account number, Condition <CR>

<LF>P-1, Zone, 000001234, Alarm<CR>

This protocol does not support CID accounts.

CAPS II Option: The CAPS II Option allows the System 3505  Prism LX to send Alarm, Trouble and Secure conditions for Zone, Dialer,Box, and System errors to a computer via serial port. Computer output can be via RS-232 Configurator Card, Ethernet Configurator Card, or LAN Ethernet Configurator Card. Appropriate Configurator Cards are included with each Option. This protocol allows the System 3505 Prism LX  to send either 50 or 80 alphanumeric text characters that describe the alarm condition to the Automation System. This protocol provides a software handshake for supervision.The user may obtain a copy of the CAPS II protocol by filing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (made available by Digitize). This protocol is available for the user to interface to a third party automation system and can pass any account in the System 3505 Prism LX  to the automation system.