512 Zone Card Rack


Product Description: 

The 512 Zone Card Rack permits large numbers of direct-wire inputs to be connected.  The Direct Wire Option, which includes a zone controller card and ribbon cable, must be ordered to allow installation of the 512 Zone Card Rack. Up to 2,048 Direct Wire Inputs can be monitored with additional racks. The 512 Zone Card Rack accommodates 16 cards or up to 512 zones of any mix or match combination of EOL/RPI cards. The power to operate the EOL/RPI cards is providing by the System 3505Prism LX. Twenty-one 50 pin Amphenol phone plugs are used to interface the 512 zones to the punch block. A six-foot ribbon cable connects the 512 Zone Card Rack to the rear of the System 3505 Prism LX. The distance to the card cage may be extended up to 500 feet with the use of optional Round Cable Interfaces.