Team Digitize

Abe Brecher President

Linda Brecher
VP of Operations

The focus of Digitize, throughout the company, is Total Customer Satisfaction. This goal requires discipline, commitment, creativity and design innovation. To achieve this end result, great care has been taken in assembling an exceptional staff of professionals. The professional qualifications of Team Digitize are deep and varied.  The Digitize Management Team has over 100 years of business management and sales experience and a thorough understanding of what is necessary to satisfy our customers and achieve business success.  The Design and Development Team also has many years of experience in software and mechanical engineering.  The Technical Support team has been exemplifying customer satisfaction with every technical problem they help resolve. The tie that binds the Digitize Team together is the camaraderie and brotherhood that exists between these groups and the total commitment they share to maintain the quality standards required to truly satisfy our customers.