Digitize is a leading designer and manufacturer of sophisticated owner-operated (proprietary) fire, security, process control and energy management supervised alarm monitoring systems, used worldwide. The company has assumed a technological leadership position in the manufacture of Alarm Monitoring equipment.

The System 3505, the seventh generation of our alarm reporting, and monitoring system, is advanced and flexible, and can accepts signals from virtually any alarm-input device. The System 3505 will issue alerts, identify sources, and coordinate and suggest the best response to any alarm, supervisory or trouble condition. The System 3505 will accept mixed or matched, individual or simultaneous supervised inputs from direct wire, reverse relay, telegraph, 1221 radio, encrypted security alarm devices, digital communicators and multiplexing systems thereby permitting interfaces between conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and multiplex point-addressable interactive systems.

Mix and match any of the following transmission media: hard wire, fiber optic, TCP/IP (over a Local Area Network), supervised polling, spread spectrum, wireless mesh network, and repeating radio. The System 3505 accepts any combination of these communication pathways, so it can be put to work in an existing system, without costly upgrades, or replacement of current field equipment and wiring.

Please see the descriptions and cut sheets for the Remote Annunicator, Text-2-Cell Option, the Digitize Mesh Radio System, the Digitize Automated Alarm Management and Response System, the Intellitize System with MicroMux and other products that position Digitize well to help our customers achieve their alarm monitoring objectives.