D-LAN Automation Output

Cut Sheets & Documents: D-LAN_Option_with_Smart-IP.pdf The D-LAN Option with Smart-IP Card lets the System 3505 communicate, via Ethernet, with up to 10 remote devices, typically Remote Annunciator units, and permits communication on different hubs/switches within a network. Each time a Smart-IP Card equipped System 3505 sends information to an RA, the RA will respond solely through the original sender’s hub/switch. Additionally, an equipped System 3505 sends data to all its D-LAN devices, but through custom software, can uniquely communicate with any one or multiple RA units. The D-LAN Option with the Smart-IP Card eliminates unwanted broadcast communication in a network environment through the use of specific IP addresses. In most cases, your IT department will assign the IP address(es) for you. The Remote Annunciator IP address must be set to match one of the selected Host Addresses assigned via Windows Explorer (or other web browser) by connection to the Smart-IP Ethernet address. You must have administrator privileges to change IP settings. After successfully assigning IP addresses to your PC, the System 3505 will recognize the Smart IP Card immediately upon power-up (see reverse). The thermal printer will print all critical network related information each time it is powered up. Conversely, should Smart-IP card go undetected, the System 3505 will alert the operator and record the problem. Please see reverse.