Cut Sheets & Documents: Network Controller and Remote Network Controller Model: NC5/NR5-10 The Model NC5/NR5-10 (Network Controller and Remote Network Controller) module allows an MP5-1, MP5-3 or MP5-10 (Receiver Modules) to interface to Model SCT I (Event Logging System) or SCT II (Security Control Terminal with Graphics PC AT Compatible). The NC5/NR5-10 is then installed in the Model IMR5-10 or IMC5- 5’s (Receiver Racks) first slot after the ICM5 (Common Module). The Model NC5/NR5-10 provides communication between MP5’s in the Model IMR5-10 or IMC5-5 and receiver rack to receiver rack (IMR5-10 to IMR5-10) communication. Specifically, when any of the other MP5’s in the receiver rack have messages to print, the message (in the form of an MP5 to MP5 compatible transaction) is sent to the NC5/NR5-10 and interfaced to the “outside world” (i.e., terminal, printer, host PC). The Model NC5/NR5-10 also contains non-volatile memory used to store user defined messages that can be assigned to specific conditions/ alarm messages. The Model NC5/NR5 is capable of 255 user messages of 64 characters each. The Model NC5/NR5-10 can be easily interfaced to an existing IMR5- 10 with minimal effort.