The Digitize Multiplex System allows you to mix and match any multiplex panel offered by Digitize. Multiplex panels can be connected in a variety of protocols: fiber optic, audio modem, dry cable pair, and polling radio, wireless mesh network, and Ethernet. The Multiplex option allows the System 3505 to connect to 500 data gathering modules (DGM and Muxpad IIs). When fiber optic drivers are used, each DGM/Muxpad II panel reshapes and repeats the signal. The fiber drivers can accommodate 500 DGM/Muxpad II panels (with 18 dB Flux budget between each panel) in one loop.

  • DGM (Data Gathering Module) panels are available from 8 to 64 zones for connection to dry-contacts with end of line (EOL) supervision and through serial interfaces to addressable control panels.
  • By-directional Polling Multiplexing capability provides the user with a two-way communication protocol. This allows the System 3505 to control relays within the DGM/Muxpad II panels.
  • The Digitize Muxpad II allows connections of various manufacturers' addressable control panels into one proprietary alarm monitoring system.
  • The mix and match capability allows integration of old and new panels into the same system.
  • Any DGM/Muxpad II can be ordered with any communication protocol.
  • Every DGM or Muxpad is supplied with a single relay controlled by System 3505 (with the relay control option).
  • Multiple keypads can be assigned to the same zone. Any zone or group of zones in the panel can be set to follow the arm/disarm status of the keypad zone.
  • The DGM Multiplex system cannot be intermixed on the same line as the Q-Mux multiplex system.