The Model MP5-1 Receiver Module Desplex Series 1 provides for advanced intrusion detection and monitoring functions as part of an overall physical security system. The MP5-1 performs the following functions:

  • Intrusion detection/annunciation of alarm conditions from the secured area/SCIF (1 zone).
  • Line supervision security/tamper protection annunciation.
  • Secure area status (AC, battery, keypad, synchronization, etc.) display.

All of the above functions are annunciated via visual (red, green and yellow LED’s) and audible (tone) indicators. All functions are annunciated while the area being monitored is in a secure or access mode. Additionally, the MP5-1 can be configured to report all events to a printer, CRT terminal or host computer system as part of any event logging/recording system.

The Model MP5-1 consists of an integrated, all solid state-of-the-art microprocessor based module and front panel indicator/switch array, all containted on three circuit boards and associated structural hardware.