Mesh Data Communications Network


Product Description:  

We've Got Everyone Talking™

  • Private Wireless Network
  • Ethernet Services with Wireless Performance
  • Licensed/Unlicensed Bands
  • Supports Encryption
  • Outside of Wi-Fi Bands
  • Self-Forming/Self-Healing
  • Exclusive Auto Mesh Routing
  • Not Dependent on Your Existing Network

Announcing the Digitize International Mesh/Data Communications Network™

Here is Digitize International’s most revolutionary breakthrough yet, the Mesh Data/Communications Network, which provides Ethernet connectivity via wireless mesh technology. The nodes along this network, whether stationary or mobile, are self-forming and self-healing, and have constant access to every other node.

The result: Just imagine a “Universal Highway” for simultaneous data transmission for Fire, Security, Mass Notification, CCTV, Access Control, VoIP, HVAC and other signals. When coordinated with the head-end Digitize System 3505 alarm monitoring system, the Mesh network operates as a distributed virtual switch, but with full intra-network routing.

Another result: Emergency personnel with portable laptop wireless connections to the mesh network can respond with maximum efficiency because they can view real time CCTV and other alarm data from buildings they approach. That is truly valuable information where and when it is needed most. Extraordinary communications efficiency is gained without investing the time and absorbing the appreciable expense of cabling and its maintenance. Additional savings are realized via seamless integration with your wired infrastructures. You get all the advantages of an IT system without involving IT personnel.