Cut Sheets & Documents: Receiver Rack Model: IMR5-10 The Model IMR5-10 Receiver Rack provides the enclosures and operational environment for 10 receiver modules (MP5-10 Desplex Series 10) and associated support hardware. Specifically, the IMR5- 10 performs the “monitoring facility” function in an alarm monitoring system. The IMR5-10 supports the Intelligent Alarm Multiplexing Monitoring/Receiver Module functions in the following way:

  • Provides structural support via a sturdy cabinet and enclosed chassis with nylon guide tracks for the panels.
  • Provides all DC power (primary AC to DC and standby battery) used for the station and accompanying panels.
  • Provides secured area equipment to monitoring station signal line interfacing.
  • Provides common support/annunciation functions (alarm audible/flasher and power (AC/DC)) monitoring annunciation.
  • Provides for event logging/security management host computer interface.