Founded in 1977, Digitize is the leading designer and manufacturer of proprietary fire and security alarm monitoring systems. Abraham Brecher, founder and President, created a breakthrough technology that allowed alarm signals from fire alarm street boxes previously decoded using a Punch Tape Receiver to be digitally decoded.  The city of Philadelphia was the first municipality to recognize this design innovation and awarded Digitize a contract to apply this vision.  Baltimore, Newark, Chicago, Sacramento, Boston and Providence soon followed. Digitize enjoyed spectacular growth throughout the late 1970’s and 80’s—and gained national press attention in 1983 when INC. Magazine named Digitize as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.  As acquisition fever swept the nation in the 1980’s, Digitize made a few select purchases of its own:  the Eagle Signal Radio line and the Douglas Randall Radio Box line were purchased from Gulf and Western and Walter Kidde Company, respectively.  By 1986, global demand for Digitize products spurred the inception of Digitize International and this entity continues to thrive as our systems integrator for large-scale projects and our primary vehicle for the development and launch of major innovations, including the new Digitize International Mesh Data Communication Network.

The System 3505 Prism LX is Digitize’s eighth generation flagship alarm monitoring system. Its 1989 predecessor, the System 3000, was a product that allowed Digitize to significantly increase its customer base.  Digitize builds value into each incarnation of our core monitoring system through customer-focused enhancements, exemplified in recent years by the Remote Annunciator, the Test Mode Option and the Text-2-Cell Option., Q-Mux, Muxpad II, AlarmLan, VersAlarm and Wireless Ethernet Mesh Sentry   Our adaptation to evolving technologies, as well as our ability to interface with a wide variety of other manufacturers’ equipment, has allowed Digitize to maintain leadership of a highly competitive niche market. Today, Digitize’s target markets have expanded from municipalities to include universities, military, government, industrial, transportation, high-rise buildings, water treatment facilities and sanitation stations. 

Some of our most noteworthy customers include Harvard, MIT, and Cornell, the City of Boston, several NASA Facilities, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Bath, Norfolk and Bremerton Naval Ship Yards, Idaho and  Oak Ridge National Labs, the New York City Subway, JFK Airport and PATH system.  We are very proud to be associated with this caliber of customers. 

Exceptional distributors have played a key and valued role in our growth, and in reaching the high-profile clientele we serve.

Today, Mr. Brecher leads a seasoned management team, as well as an expanding team of electrical and software engineers. Together, the Digitize Design and Development Team continue to revolutionize the Proprietary Alarm Monitoring Industry in the years ahead.  At Digitize history is decoded every day!