Product Description: 

The DGM-16LS-RF is a Data Gathering Module unit that is suitable for an installation requiring up to sixteen (16) End of Line resistor inputs.

DGM-16LS-RF units communicate with the System 3505 Prism LX™ devices via supervised, bi-directional and polling multiplex communication using Polling Radio (RF) transceivers and antennas.

DGM units are continually polled by System 3505 Prism LX™ for any change of status.

All status changes are held in memory by the DGM, even if the condition clears. Supervised inputs report any break in the circuit as a Trouble condition by zone.

Antennas and Quarter wave Lightning Protection set to a FCC Licensed Frequency are required.

Up to five hundred (500) DGM units can be installed in any system.

For more information on specific DGM units, please refer the specific product descriptions and cut sheets.