DET-6B & DET-12B

Product Description: 

The DET-6B  and DET-12B are indoor, mounted, six-zone or twelve zone, solid-state telegraph transmitters that employ a unique code for each zone.  It includes a CAM lock, AC transformer, standby battery and built-in charger. The unit is housed in a steel enclosure suitable for indoor mounting. Telegraph codes unique to each of the six zones for Trouble, Alarm and Secure, and Low Battery are transmitted over a 100-milliampere circuit using positive non-interfering successive (PNIS) line current detection to avoid clashes between more than one transmitting-box. Automatic ground return, a watchdog timer, and a jumper-selected internal trouble buzzer assure continued main system operation and operator notification in the event of box failure. A built-in trouble relay output (Form C) and the ground and code relay (grounding, opening, or no effect on the 100 MA line) are activated by the watchdog timer ensuring reliable failure detection in the event of malfunction.