Custom Solutions


Digitize is the leading designer and manufacturer of integrated proprietary (owner operated) fire, security, process control and energy management supervised alarm monitoring systems, used worldwide. The System 3505  Prism LX is our eighth generation proprietary alarm monitoring system. The System 3505 Prism LX's flexibility and versatility make it the proprietary monitoring choice for Universities, Municipalities, Military and Government installations, Corporate Campuses, Industrial Sites, and Research Facilities across the United States and internationally. With over seven thousand (7,000) installed systems. The strength of the our company lies in our ability to provide innovative solutions to complex alarm monitoring problems. This capability, along with the ability to interface to most Fire Alarm Control Panels, allows Digitize to develop custom solutions within our customers' existing infrastructures offering better value and differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

Digitize's advantages are further enhanced by enabling our customers to practice "true alarm management".  True Alarm Management means enabling our customers to pro-actively track, manage and database Alarms, Troubles and Supervisory conditions from alarm initiation to restoral. Additionally our customers can visualize their alarm monitoring information from anywhere in the world.

Listed below are four case studies that will illustrate some of our innovative solutions.

Case Studies

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