Cut Sheets & Documents: Premise Control Unit (Basic) Model: CU5-11 The Module CU5-11 Basic Premise Control Unit (Class ‘A’ only) provides a physical enclosure/interface for devices used in securing a specific area. The CU5-11 interfaces various detection devices in the secured area to a monitoring facility which is located away from the secured area. The detection devices consists of electrically ‘closed’ switch or relay dry contacts which ‘open interfaced to the monitoring facility (i.e., Desplex MP5 series monitoring/supervisory panel) via a termination module (i.e., Desplex Series TM5 transmission module) installed in the CU5-11 enclosures. The detection devices are typically the relay contacts in protecting an access point into the secured area or the relay contacts from the output of a detection module used for detecting some other type of alarm condition (i.e., volumetric).