Cut Sheets & Documents: 75039I-0001_MC5-5_Five_Postion_Receiver_Console 750383-0001_MP5-3 750384-0001TM5-3 750385-0001_CU5-3_Premise_Control 750386-0001_DESPLEX_ASKP5 750387-0001 CU5-1_Basic_Premise_Contol_Unit 750388-0001CU5-6_Premise_CU_with_Dual_Power_Supply 750389-0001 CU5-11_Basic_Premise_Control_Unit 750390-0001_IMR5-10_Receiver_Rack_For_Desplex_Modules 750392-0001 MCI Console Receiver Rack 750393-0001 MC3Console_Receiver_Rack.pdf 750394-0001 NC5-NR5-10_Network_Controller_&_Remote Net_Controller 750395-0001_MP1_Class_A_Receiver_DES_Module 750396-0001_MP5_Class_A_Receiver_DES_Module 750397-0001 BP-1_[BLANK PANEL] 750398-0001 BP-2_[WIDE_BLANK_PANEL] 750399-0001_IXP5_Interface_&_Expansion_Panel 750400,_750401,_750407 IXM5-1,-2,-3_Print_Separate_Interface_&_Expansion_Module 750402-0001 CU5-13_Premise_CU_w-Capacitance_Detection 750403-0001 CU5-16_Premise_CU w-Dual_Adjustable_Power_Supply 750404-0001 CU5-17_Premise_CU w-Capacitance_Detection 750405-0001 TM5-1 Class A DES Transmission Module 750406-0001 TM5-10 Class A DES Transmission Module DES Transmission Module Desplex products offer high-line security alarm monitoring and class “A” digital line supervision that meet or exceed the NIST standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology) for use a DES electronic key technology: non- repeating, real-time digital encryption. Approved Class “A” DES Digital standards include: NIST certified, meets DCID 6/9. Offered by Digitize International, Desplex exploits a process that scrambles the data into non-repeating patterns that requires an identical DES electronic key to unscramble. Because the pattern is non-repeating, there is no way to enter a false signal into the secure line. The practical limit of the 128 Bit Encryption Key is “2128”—that’s 34, followed by 37 zeroes! There is simply no practical way to break the Desplex Key Code. The highly reliable Desplex communication link is via telephone wire pare using Bell 103 Audio Modem (standard, 300 Baud FSK), and has excellent noise immunity. DES key technology is used by major corporations around the globe. Desplex makes high-line security monitoring practical option when creating or upgrading any security system. For more information, please review Desplex product cut-sheets.