Cut Sheets & Documents: CGRMS Computer Graphic Response Management System (CGRMS) is an integrated site management system that works in conjunction with various types of Access Control Systems, Security and Fire panels, CCTV,  and PLC equipment to provide efficent site management and comand tools. CGRMS utilizes the most of computer capability in graphics, communicaiton and database managemetn.  It incorporates the latest in engineering applicaitons with ease of operation.  It provides text and/or graphical management of incoming events; it is a bi-directional TCP driver interface to the Digitize System 3505 and includes autosynchronization of active events on powerup, acount auto-population of new and changed text, and synchronization of in/out of service and test mode. System Requirements:

  • Pentium4, 3GHz or higher
  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or higher
  • 1GB Memory or higher
  • 80GB Hard disk or higher

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